Sunpack Sheets

Sunpack sheet branding is a cost-effective alternative form of advertisement than Sunboard, LED boards, frames etc. They can be almost found anywhere may it be residential building or corporate towers. Almost 80% of the pole branding, tree advertisement comprise Sunpack. We, when asked about the price of printing on these sheets, can’t give a simple plain answer as the price is dependent upon many factors prominent being thickness of the sheet, type of printing, number of colors and obviously quantity.

These sheets come in thickness starting from 1 mm to 4 mm. They are available in both roll and sheet form. Lesser thickness board are available in roll format and 2 mm are normally stacked and transported in sheet format only. Sunpack sheet color has no or marginal impact on the cost. Available colors are white and yellow. If you have bulk requirement then custom color can also be prepared.

Sunpack Sheet Printing :

Screen printing is used for printing on these sheets. The number of colors is the determinant of price. We have 1 color, 2 colors and even 4 colors i.e. full multi-color offset printing. Minimum order quantity at almost any place is 500 qty. A common size is 18×24 inch – rectangular size or 24×24 which is referred to as kite size. No parking board is normally ordered in 1×1.5 ft, 2×2 ft, and 2×1.5 ft.

Sunpack Sheet Thickness & Uses :

They have clear, matt, translucent and opaque texture. Common width available for direct wholesale ordering is 4ft and 6ft. It is further cut down to small sheets with most widely used being 12×18 inches i.e. 1×1.5 ft. You can count on lot many advantages to going with this media. These are light in weight, water resistant makes them safe bet in areas where there are heavy torrent rains. Along with it, they are long lasting with elegant looks. If you have a bulk requirement in excess of 500 pcs or more it becomes a better option to go with Sunpack branding then flex with wooden frame. Later one is advisable for the small quantity, but for bulk, requirement sunpack works out to be much more economical

Another common name associated with them is plastic corrugated sheets. Corrugated sheets also are a lookalike, they are made of ply with 3 plies and 5 plies mostly used and are in white and yellow color. Polypropylene corrugated sheets are the other name.

We have listed below some common application of the sunpack sheets:-

  • Mounting Board
  • No Parking Boards
  • Notice boards
  • Floor guards
  • Workshop
  • Signages
  • Danglers
  • POP Displays
  • Pole advertisements
  • Outdoor branding

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